Wooden Flooring

Ekoparkett Wooden Flooring

Another brand name that spells beauty is Ekoparkett. You can find attractive colored floors with the durability and strength of oak wood floors. Visit our Morbi Elegance store for more designs and details regarding these 3-layer oak floors.


1 LAYER OAK floors that resemble solid wooden boards and are designed for large, elegant rooms such as sitting rooms.
The EKOPARKETT range also includes 3-layer oak floors with small woodblocks that display the variety of natural oak hues; and coloured floors that combine the durability of oak wood with attractive colour effects.
BEECH FLOORS with their simple form are perfect for the minimalist style, which is now fashionable. SAPELLA TIGRA – Sapella has been used to make upright pianos, guitars, and yacht decking. Now this beautiful mahogany floor can appear in your house. A bit of exotism will give every room a unique and original appearance.
ASH MONT BLANC – Light-coloured ash floors will definitely lighten up a room; that is why they are very popular in Scandinavian countries. The natural glitter of ash wood makes the room look wider. It perfectly harmonises with simple but tasteful furniture. Moreover, ash wood is characterised by a high hardness compared to other European trees, which makes it perfect for heavy-traffic office rooms.
OAK PALERMO – These brushed oak boards with a negative effect where naturally light fibres are coloured dark provide a good solution for those who like to break normal patterns and conventions. It perfectly matches modern, unconventional interiors. Oak Versailles – This is the darkest floor in the Ekoparkett range. When laid in a large room it makes it cosier. It is also a perfect base to contrast with light-coloured walls and furniture.
OAK BELLAGIO – red oak floors are ideal solutions for people who wish to have an interior designed in the popular Medditeranean style. Its red and yellow hue will bring some warmth to the room; in addition, it perfectly matches rustic furniture.
Such floors as Tali; Badi or Merbau will bring a bit of exotic forest into your home. Their rich hue palette allows interesting design experiments while their great hardness guarantees resistance to impact.