Our Handmade wall sculptures inspire positive emotions.

The famous Parisian artist, Picasso said - "the purpose of art is to wash off the dust of day to day life from our souls".

Every wall sculpture by has a purpose - to inspire, to uplift, and to energise.

Give us any one wall in your home or office and we will treat it with loving care and transform it into a work of art. We will work with inspiration from nature - Lotus, Champa, Neem, Maple, Pipal and Jaswanti are our current range. We will infuse the wall with handmade ceramic sculpture, glass and wood forms, metallic embellishments and even semi precious stones.


Here is what some of our patrons said, who have installed ADIPA murals in their homeā€¦

"This mural has completed changed the look and feel of our home."

"I feel proud to have this mural in my home."

"Every single person who comes home asks us about this mural."

"I feel a sense of calmness and serenity overtime I look at this."