About Lotus (Wall-sculpture)

The Lotus is a pure and beautiful flower born in the still waters of the pond underneath the mud, and when the time comes, it emerges. It grows out of the water and straight toward the sky, opening its petals in the rays of warm sunlight, revealing its natural beauty. In sharing its fragrance with the world, it leaves the mud far behind. The Lotus exists as a part of its environment, yet separate from it at the same time. It reminds us of our own life struggles and inspires us to be resilient. This Mural will lend a bold elegance to any room through its rich dark texture and contemporary layout.


The dark grey ceramic lotus leaves are given their rich texture by a dicult Japanese technique of ring. They are mounted on white painted MDF pieces and a little touch of red and a strip of mirror adds to the elegant contemporary styling of this mural.


The back panel is one piece hung on the wall, and all the other square pieces are hung onto it. Each Lotus leaf is then hung separately onto the boxes.