Asian Zen Wallpaper Theme for Spa and Home Walls Decor

When everything fails in life, all you need is a little bit of Zen. Rouse the senses with our handpicked range of Asian Zen wallpapers. Perfect for spas, recreational spaces, prayer rooms, meditation halls and homes, the Zen gallery has designs with spa candles, Ying Yang text, multihued Chakras, serene faces of Buddha and lotuses, each design exudes calmness. Enjoy the calmness of the surroundings with Asian Zen wallpaper designs. We offer free shipping across India.

Buddha Bricks

Buddha Bronze

Buddha Clouds

Buddha on Black

Buddha on Rust

Buddha Orange Face

Buddha Parchment

Buddha Peace

Buddha Sunrise

Buddha with Flower


Gold Buddha Statue

Gold Cloud Buddha

Half Metal

Half Wood Buddha

Lotus Refraction

Orange Grunge Buddha

Sleeping Buddha

Thai Wood Buddha

Wooden Buddha